WHAT DO WE DO? Website Marketing

If you run a business, we build websites that work as hard as you do.

We create sites to match your needs and your brief – there is only one measure of success – does it work?

All our sites are hand-crafted solutions, built uniquely for you.


We don’t build sites from templates or commercial child themes.

Every business is different and your commercial needs are unique. So we spend a lot of time learning  about your business, your customers and competitors, before we start creating the perfect, unique solution.

We don’t rush to deliver a solution – we don’t believe in fait accomplisno black boxes. We work with you at every stage to make sure that the only surprises you get are great ones.




A lot of people talk about marketing but more than half of marketers (53.8%) say they have not studied a marketing-related academic or professional qualification of any kind* – not us!

We employ qualified, experienced marketers.

Marketing is where we started, and it underlies everything we do for you.

*Source – Marketing Week.



We’re passionate about creativity – “what’s the big idea?

Coupling great  concepts with tech ability is  the way to achieve memorable results.

But we always bear in mind the words of genius ad man David OgilvyIf it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”



Content is king‘, as the saying goes. But too often content is the last thing to be considered.

It doesn’t matter how exciting the design is or what wizz bang technology you’ve used.

The ONLY reason people will visit your site is the content.

That’s where we begin.


Over 83% of the world’s population have a smartphone, and 90% use it to find local businesses. 

Mobile-first indexing best practices

Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.

Historically, the index primarily used the desktop version of a page’s content when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user’s query.

Since the majority of users now access Google Search with a mobile device, Google primarily crawls and indexes pages with the  smartphone agent  going forward.

*Source – Google.

Mobile website marketing is critical. We build your site ‘Mobile First’.

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