Created for a client managing 200+ villas across the world. Part of a wider project leading to complete digitization of the management process.

What we did

We discussed the client’s needs, which were far wider than simply building a website. They needed a platform creating to simplify management systems – the first step to digitising their processes.

The platform also needed to be easy to manage and update by a very small team.

Having researched, installed and created a suitable system, we worked closely with the client’s in-house designer to make it all happen.

Just as we began, the pandemic hit, which created challenges for all involved. An incremental agile approach enabled us to pause and return to the build as resources permitted.


For customers to easily find what they need is a given. We wanted to avoid complicated search bars, so there are just two steps. 

Destinations can be accesses from the menu, and then all the properties in that region are displayed on a single page.

One click brings up the selected villa with all its information.