Pro-bono project, work in progress.


What we did

We were aproached by the ‘EveryBreath’ lung cancer support charity to create an build a website.

The brief was quite specific and based upon resources. The site had to be built step by step with each iteration complete in itself. So, we start with a minimal home page and contact form, and slowly grow it as content becomes available.

The site also had to be easily maintained and updated by charity staff.


A global site design was created and approved.

Hosting was secured and a ‘coming soon’ holding page put in place, but this was also to be the basis of the site as a whole.

Charity staff were given access to update and basic instructions provided.

Holding page was converted into a home page, links, contact form and events pages were added.

The build is now ongoing and we’re happily supporting the charity team as it grows into a full, hard working website


One of the key functions of the site is to gain donations.  We made sure it was easy, on mobile, to link to the charity’s just giving page, and to any events.

So the mobile view of the site is simple, strong and a tap will take visitors to the donation site.

We’re still building, but we’ll always be mobile first.