About tigerfruit web design

We create and develop websites. It’s a passion.

Our founders cut their teeth in the early days of web design, coming from marketing and tech backgrounds.

It’s been an amazing journey as online business has exploded around us. Digital marketing has changed out of all recognition.

It’s a journey we have shared with some great clients   –   in fact much of our work has been for  other agencies and consultancies, and their clients.

We believe in one web design principle – if it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.


For us, one of the most satisfying aspects of what we do, is working for a wide variety of businesses in a range of sectors. Here’s just a few of them, where we’ve built up a valuable fund of experience and expertise that we apply every day.


Holidays, holiday homes and villas. From owners of a single property, to those with hundreds across the world. We’ve built great sites and integrated with booking systems.


We’ve experience floating sites for a wide range of businesses from luxury yachts to shiprepair specialists.


In both the private and public sector, we’ve enjoyed great relationships with clinicians, providers, and trusts. Doctors practice managers and specialists are demanding clients – it’s always exciting to meet their challenges.


We understand the service sector – it’s where we work after all.  And we have experience with the financial sector, solicitors, advisors and agents.


From sports equipment to spline gauges, shoes to showers, plasterboard to paint, traffic lights to trackers. Making sites for makers, e-commerce for exporters.


Heating, ventilating and plumbing is a sector that we’ve had a long involvements with. Our background includes many boiler manufacturers, bathroom products, and pipework. Plus we’ve built sites for training installers and retail staff.


So many dentists’ sites look the same. But the sector is becoming more and more competitive. We identify the distinction and clarify the difference. Making dentists smile.


Learning management systems (LMS) have become something of a speciality. When off-the-shelf solutions won’t cut it, we create and build them from the ground up.


Every year we earmark a number of days to create sites for charities, non-profit organisations, fundraisers and worthy causes. These pro-bono projects are some of the most rewarding to work on. Contact us.

Whatever your sector, it’s likely we already have experience. Researching and understanding businesses is part of our daily work – it goes with the territorry. Before we begin web design we thoroughly immerse ourselves in the challenges, options and opportunities.

You deserve unique solutions – we deliver them.